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dictionary server

This package provides a TCP-based server that allows a client to access dictionary definitions from a set of natural language dictionary databases.

Many dictionary databases have been packaged for use with dictd. They are described in the /usr/share/doc/dictd/README.Debian.gz file.

Either dict-gcide or dict-wn is essential for a useful English language dictionary server. It is strongly recommended that both be installed. If you are interested in computer terminology, it is recommended to install at least dict-jargon, dict-foldoc, or dict-vera.

The client program, dict, is packaged separately and is needed on all machines that will use the server.

Package version:1.12.0+dfsg-5


dictd server for Debian

--- CHARACTER ENCODINGS ---------------------------------------------

     RFC2229 specifies the Dict Protocol used by dictd.  To be
compliant with the RFC, all dictionary databases must be encoded in
utf-8.  Since 7-bit ASCII is a subset of utf-8, plain ASCII
dictionaries are compliant.  However, when "utf-8" is used in the
following discussion, 


     This version of dictd supports the environment variable
`DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS', as recommended by Debian Policy version,
section 11.1.  (This is a modification of the usage recommended by
earlier versions of policy, and used in earlier versions of dictd.)

     By default all binaries are compiled with debugging symbols
included, and with -O2 optimisation, but the copies of them in the


     The "suffix" search strategy matches the last portion of the
headword.  Since it must search the whole index file, it is not as
fast as the default "exact" strategy.

     If an optional index_suffix file is provided, a suffix search is
much faster.  The dictfmt_index2suffix.1 script (provided in the
dictfmt package) will produce this index_suffix file (see the manual
page dictfmt_index2suffi


     The "word" search strategy matches any single word, even if part
of a longer headword or a mult


     dictd plugin support is more extensive than in 1.9.10, including
support for Judy-based impleme


     The script dictunformat (provided with in the dictfmt package)
takes a dictionary index file as


     By default, dictd searches all dictionaries listed in the
configuration file, and returns all d


     Because the dictd daemon has a significant startup time, the
author felt it should not be start

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