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Common binaries and locale data for glibc

The glibc-common package includes common binaries for the GNU libc libraries, as well as national language (locale) support.
Package version:2.9
Distribution:Fedora distfiles


The files
	zic.c zdump.c ialloc.c scheck.c tzfile.h
	private.h tzselect.ksh checktab.awk
come from the tzcode package by Arthur David Olson

The files
	africa antarctica asia australasia europe
	northamerica southamerica pacificnew etcetera factory
	backward systemv solar87 solar88 solar89 leapseconds yearistype
come from the tzdata package by Arthur David Olson


The following is the README for UFC-crypt, with those portions deleted
that are known to be incorrect for the implementation used with the
GNU C library.

	UFC-crypt: ultra fast 'crypt' implementation

	@(#)README	2.27 11 Sep 1996

Design goals/non goals:

- Crypt implementation plugin compatible with crypt(3)/fcrypt.

- High pe

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