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Python interface to the ClearSilver HTML templating system

Python interface to the ClearSilver HTML templating system.
Package version:0.10.3


*** Python Environment Information

* Python      - we know it and love it
* Apache      - the defacto standard

* PyApache/mod_python

Either one is fine, the goal is to load all Python code once, before
Apache forks. Then, for every web-request, Apache just makes a
function call into the Python environment which serves the page. This


* - language extraction toolkit
* - Brandon Long, David Jeske

** Getting Started

1) First you need to create a MySQL trans database for your application.

  > mysql -uroot
  mysql> create database trans_data
  mysql> quit
  > mysql -uroot trans_data < trans.sql

2) Then just run trans on the test data to verify that it is working..

  > ./


** David Jeske

- create 'translation configuration file' which gets placed
  in application root or template root directory. This should
  specify all paramaters which are currently hardcoded in
  Require the user to supply this configuration file each time
  trans is called.

- extend database schema to handle more than one app


This source tree contains source code from Neotonic.
All files in this release are marked with thei

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