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MySQL interface for Tcl

Mysqltcl is an extension to the Tool Command Language (Tcl) that provides high-level access to a MySQL database server.
Package version:3.05


Tcl/Tk 8.0 interface to MySQL

This is a rewrite of a patched version of Hakan Soderlund's
msqltcl-1.50. I removed all support for older versions of Tcl. If you
are going to use older versions of Tcl, the patch (for msqltcl) found
at will do the job for you.

The interface can be used as tcl package that is dynamically linked
shared library.

For co


Msqltcl --   Tcl interface to the Mini SQL (mSQL) database server
             by David J. Hughes

Author:      Hakan Soderstrom,
Affiliation: Soderstrom Programvaruverkstad AB, Bandhagsvagen 51,
             S-122 42 Enskede, Sweden

Copyright (c) 1994, 1995 Hakan Soderstrom and Tom Poindexter
Additional details at end of this file.


Release 3.05
-- applied path from Björn König to support compilation with mysql3.20 (with help of #if)
-- some addaption and bug fixes for mysql 5 for handling mutiple result queries. In case of mustiple statement mysql::exec return a list of results.
Release 3.04
-- bug fix for mysql::state (check for argument lenght). Thanks to Snyper for bug fix
Release 3.03
-- patch for file mysqltcl.c to ad


Hakan Soderlund - primary Author of msql interface 
Gregory Gulik - mysqltcl 1.50
Tobias Ritzau (tob


Some other old historical license notes can be fond in
READMY-msqltcl , mysqltcl.c and mysqltcl.n


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