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NSS library for MySQL

Store your UNIX user accounts in MySQL. "libnss-mysql" enables the following:

* System-wide authentication and name service using a MySQL database. Applications do not need to be MySQL-aware or modified in any way.

* Storing authentication information in a database instead of text files.

* Creation of a single authentication database for multiple servers. This is often referred to as the "Single Sign-on" problem.

* Writing data-modification routines (IE self-management web interface).

libnss-mysql is similar to NIS or LDAP. It provides the same centralized authentication service through a database. What does this mean? Username, uid, gid, password, etc comes from a MySQL database instead of /etc/password, /etc/shadow, and /etc/group. A user configured in MySQL will look and behave just like a user configured in /etc/passwd. Your applications such as ls, finger, sendmail, qmail, exim, postfix, proftpd, X, sshd, etc. will all 'see' these users!

Package version:1.5


Official website:

MySQL for NSS systems
Supported Operating Systems:
    o Linux
    o Solaris (Sparc or Intel) (2.6, 7, 8. 9 without PAM)
    o FreeBSD (5.1+)

Supported MySQL Versions:
    o MySQL 3.23.9 - 4.1.x

Supported Compilers:
    o GCC (2.95.2, 3.x)
    o Sun Forte Developer 7 C 5.4

NOTE: Solaris 9 is not fully unsupported.  Su


This directory contains default configurations for the operating systems
supported, as well as two additional examples illustrating different ways
to set up your database under Linux (THEY WILL NOT WORK UNDER ANOTHER OS

These examples will create a user 'cinergi' with a password of 'cinergi'.
Assuming all goes well you should be able to log in as cinergi.

Remember, since y


# $Id: NEWS,v 1.18 2005/09/04 03:34:00 cinergi Exp $

September 3, 2005
    libnss-mysql 1.5 released

January 30, 2005
    libnss-mysql 1.4 released

November 13, 2004
    libnss-mysql 1.3 released

March 28, 2004
    libnss-mysql 1.2 released

March 6, 2004
    libnss-mysql 1.1 released

July 12, 2003
    libnss-mysql 1.0 released

June 18, 2003
    libnss-mysql 0.9 released

January 25, 2003


$Id: FAQ,v 1.6 2004/03/04 03:24:49 cinergi Exp $

Q: What is NSS?
Q: What is PAM?
Q: Which one do I 


# $Id: ChangeLog,v 1.64 2005/09/04 03:34:00 cinergi Exp $

1.4 - 1.5
    * BUGFIX: Bug ID 1244484 - 


Develop tests
Support other NSS databases
PAM library
Solaris 9 PAM solution
64-bit li


libnss-mysql is Copyright (C) 2002 Ben Goodwin <>
It was created in May


# $Id: THANKS,v 1.2 2003/07/12 18:12:31 cinergi Exp $

I'd like to thank:

Len Rose <>

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