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Command line control utility for xmms

xmmsctrl is a small utility to control xmms from the command line. Its goal is to be used coupled with sh to test xmms state and perform an appropriate action, e.g. if playing then pause else play. The interest of this is to bind keys in a window manager to have control over xmms with keys that do play/next/pause, prev, control sound...
Package version:1.8


This is a small utility to control xmms from
the command line or a shell. The interest
comes with key bindings in a window manager.
I give my key bindings for twm to show how
to program some keys. I'm using a small script
window_shown to test the state of windows.

xmmsctrl without argument will print a summary
of commands. They are pretty straight forward.
The file twmrc_bindings contains example


0.1: creation
     => release 1.0

1.1: modification suggested by
     Marc Prud'hommeaux <marc (at) apocalypse (dot) org>
     to get current playing song.
     small cleaning
     forgot to release :(

1.2: added quit command
     => release 1.2

1.3: time +/- seconds addition by
     Christian J. Robinson <infynity (at) onewest (dot) net>

1.4: /seconds option suggested by
     Volker Moell <vo

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