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Analysis of N-dye Micro Array using mixed model effect

Analysis of N-dye Micro Array experiment using mixed model effect Containing analysis of variance, permutation and bootstrap, cluster and consensus tree
Package version:1.24.0


README file for the maanova package

This is a quick document to explain the installation and use
of the "maanova" package for R

Installation (Windows)

  1. Unzip the "" file into the directory $RHOME\library
     ($RHOME is something like c:\Program Files\R\rw1030)
     Note that this should create a


% faq
\section{Frequently Asked Questions}

\item Can {\tt R/maanova} run on Windows XP?\\
{\tt R/maanova} runs under R. So if there is a version of R
for your operating system, you can run {\tt R/maanova}.

\item Can {\tt R/maanova} handle missing data?\\
No. {\tt R/maanova} does not tolerant missing, zero or neg


Things to do for R/maanova
Aug 18, 2007

Fss for mixture model

July 12, 2005
I'm going to make R/maanova a part of BioConductor. 
The things need to do are mainly the data structure
convertion. I should to:
1. Make functions madata2exprSet and exprSet2madata
2. Modify numerous functions


Users of the R/maanova package must agree to the terms of the following
license agreement.


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