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Command-line utility to find identical files on the file system

The samefile utility finds files with identical contents, independent of file name. This program is for you if you are notoriously low on disk space, keep exceeding your disk quota, pay for your storage by the megabyte, run any kind of file server, need to reduce the size of your backups, or just want to get a feeling for how much redundant files are there on your system.
Package version:2.13


README: Readme for samefile

For instructions on how to compile and install samefile read the file INSTALL.

What is it?

The samefile program helps you find identical files on your file systems.
Identical files don't have to have the same name to be found by samefile.
The input is a list of filenames, e.g. from ls(1) or find(1). The output
is a list of fil


SAMEFILE(1)                      JS                      SAMEFILE(1)

       samefile - find identical files

       samefile [-g size] [-l | -r] [-s sep] [-0aiqVvx]

       samefile  reads  a  list of filenames (one filename per line)
       from stdin.  For each filename pair with identical  contents,
       a line consisting of six fields is output: The size in bytes


Tue Mar  3 20:58:42 2009  Jens Schweikhardt  (

	* version 2.13

	* README:  Tabs->spaces; bump (C) year; update FreeBSD/gcc implementation.
	* samefile.c:  Set version to 2.13 2009-03-03. Don't use RCS Id.
	* samefile.spec:  Set version to 2.13.
	*  Set to 2.13.
	*  Set to 200903030213.
	*  Set to SAMEFILE

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