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C library for remote procedure calls over UDP

The RPC2 library, a C library for remote procedure calls over UDP.
Package version:2.10


New in 2.10:

* AES-CCM-16 was incorrectly named AES-CCM-12.
* AES-CCM checksum validation always failed when the final block was partial.

New in 2.9:

* Send busy responses on new but not yet enabled connections.
* Make sure we wake up threads waiting for binding to complete.
* Clean up mrpc2_SendReliably, it sometimes exited too early and ignored the
  overall timebomb timer.
* Precompute retra


Coda is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License,
as shown below.  Certain modules of Coda that may be useful
independently as libraries are distributed under the terms of the less
restrictive GNU Library General Public License, also shown below.  The
copyright notice at the beginning of each source file indicates the
applicable license.

Note that GPL and LGPL shown below are

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