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Daemon to add additional functionality to the volume keys of the keyboard

The xfce4-volumed adds additional functionality to the volume up/down and mute keys of the keyboard. It makes the keys work without configuration and uses the XFCE 4 mixer's defined card and track for choosing which track to act on. The volume level is shown in a notification.
Package version:0.1.13


== Installation instructions

Please read INSTALL

== Reporting a bug

== Known Gstreamer problems
 * No sound card detected: if this happens you're probably missing a GStreamer
   plugin for your sound system. If you're using ALSA then installing 
   gstreamer0.10-alsa should fix it.

== Known installation problems
 * Your system may not have libkeybinder


2011-03-03  Steve Dodier <>
	* Allow compatibility with Libnotify 0.7 (thanks to Samuli Suominen for the patch)

2011-03-03  Steve Dodier <>
	* Partially applying a patch from Yves-Alexis Perez to allow custom CFLAGS when building in release mode

2011-03-02  Steve Dodier <>
	* Another check to avoid SIGFPE when calculating average volume (v


=== Authors
	Steve Dodier <>

=== Contributions
 * xvd_mixer.c
 	Jannis Pohlmann <>


Thanks to Jannis Pohlmann for his extraordinary help. This daemon has mostly
been designed by him.



                    GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE
                       Version 3, 29 June 2007


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