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Database interface module for R

A database interface (DBI) definition for communication between R and relational database management systems.
Package version:0.2.5


Version 0.2-5

* Code cleanups contributed by Matthias Burger: avoid partial argument
  name matching and use TRUE/FALSE, not T/F.

* Change behavior of make.db.names.default to quote SQL keywords if
  allow.keywords is FALSE.  Previously, SQL keywords would be name
  mangled with underscores and a digit.  Now they are quoted using

Version 0.2-4

* Changed license from GPL to LPGL

* Fixed


Issues that R-SIG-DB hasn't addressed.

1. Should we define separate classes for SQL queries that return data
   from those that don't return data?  E.g., the "DBIResult" could
   represent the result of non-data queries (INSERT, DELETE, CREATE,
   etc.) while "DBIResultSet" (or perhaps "DBICursor") could extend
   "DBIResult" to represent results of queries that generate data
   (primarily SELECT

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