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SPQR: {Schema Processor|Straightforward Publishing} for QMF agents in Ruby

SPQR makes it very simple to expose methods on Ruby objects over QMF.
Package version:0.3.6


= spqr

SPQR is a tool to automatically generate QMF applications from Ruby
classes, and to automatically generate Ruby classes from QMF schema
descriptions.  See the examples directory in the source distribution 
for examples.

Rhubarb, which is included with SPQR, is a simple versioned
object-graph persistence layer that stores instances of specially-
declared Ruby classes in a SQLite3 database.


version 0.3.2

*  far less verbose debugging information
*  is_tracked declaration to automatically track instances of (non-Rhubarb) managed classes.
*  SPQR now respects access annotations on property declarations.  (obs. from Ian McLeod)

version 0.3.1 (e3e3729bef42fd7a5315356c85ddf30939759b34)

*  "qmf_singleton" declaration for boilerplate-free singleton classes

version 0.3.0 (04c1eb70855b638


! Event support
* Support for map-, array-, and list-valued parameters and properties (QMF on Ruby itself does not support these at the moment)
* Broader query support (partially done)
* Documentation
* Test suite (partially done)
- Automatic generation of smoke tests for services (either from schema or manageable class)
- Automatic schema generation from agent apps
- Usability improvements:


                                 Apache License
                           Version 2.0, January 200

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