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A ruby module for reading and writing zip files

A ruby library for reading and writing zip files.
Package version:0.9.4


= rubyzip

rubyzip is a ruby library for reading and writing zip files.

= Install

If you have rubygems you can install rubyzip directly from the gem

  gem install rubyzip

Otherwise obtain the source (see below) and run

  ruby install.rb

To run the unit tests you need to have test::unit installed

  rake test

= Documentation

There is more than one way to access or create a zip a


= Version 0.9.4

Changed ZipOutputStream.put_next_entry signature (API CHANGE!). Now
allows comment, extra field and compression method to be specified.

= Version 0.9.3

Fixed: Added ZipEntry::name_encoding which retrieves the character
encoding of the name and comment of the entry. Also added convenience
methods ZipEntry::name_in(enc) and ZipEntry::comment_in(enc) for
getting zip entry names and


2010-01-01 13:43  thomas

	* NEWS, lib/zip/zip.rb, test/ziptest.rb: Changed
	  ZipOutputStream.put_next_entry to make it possible to specifiy
	  comments, extra field and compression method.

2009-12-31 16:25  thomas

	* Rakefile: Updated publish method.

2009-11-27 22:59  thomas

	* NEWS, lib/zip/zip.rb: Bumped micro number and updated NEWS file.

	* lib/zip/zip.rb: Provide convenience methods fo

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