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A xUnit based unit testing for Unix shell scripts

shUnit2 is a xUnit unit test framework for Bourne based shell scripts, and it is designed to work in a similar manner to JUnit, PyUnit, etc. If you have ever had the desire to write a unit test for a shell script, shUnit2 can do the job.
Package version:2.1.6


shUnit2 2.1.x README

This project is stored on as
All releases as of 2.1.4 and full source are available there. Documentation is
included as part of the source and each release. Source code is stored in
Subversion and can be accessed using the following information.



Release Notes for shUnit2 2.1.6

This release contains bug fixes and changes. It is also the first release to
support running shunit2 as a standalone program.

Please read the Shell Errata section of the documentation for guidance on how
to meet these requirements.

See the ``CHANGES-2.1.txt`` file for a full list of changes.

New Features

Support for 


Changes in shUnit2 2.1.X

Changes with 2.1.6

Removed all references to the DocBook documentation.

Simplified the 'src' structure.

Fixed error message in fail() that stated wrong number of required arguments.

Updated lib/versions.

Fixed bug in _shunit_mktempDir() where a failure occurred when the 'od' command was not present in /usr/bin.

Renamed shu


Make it possible to execute a single test by passing the name of the test on
the command line

Add s


The original author of shunit2 is Kate Ward. The following people have
contributed in some way or an

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