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Proxy for a faster web

RabbIT is a web proxy that speeds up web surfing over slow links by doing: o Compress text pages to gzip streams. This reduces size by up to 75% o Compress images to 10% jpeg. This reduces size by up to 95% o Remove advertising o Remove background images o Cache filtered pages and images o Uses keepalive if possible o Easy and powerful configuration o Multi threaded solution written in java o Modular and easily extended o Complete HTTP/1.1 compliance
Package version:4.1


                     README for RabbIT version 4.x

   Introduction: RabbIT is a proxy for HTTP, it is intended to be
   HTTP/1.1 compliant. RabbIT is also a package of tools useful for the

   RabbIT is intended to speed up surfing over slow links by removing
   unnecessary parts (like background images) while still showing the
   page mostly like it is (don't ruin page-layout etc).



version 4.1 (2009-07-01) Increased the default keepalive timeout to 30
	seconds. Made number of selector threads configurable, with a
	default value of the number of cpu cores. Made selector status
	page easer to read by altering colors between selectors. Made
	WebConnectionResourceSource actually grow the download buffer when
	it has read full chunks a few times. Made ConnectionHandler use


 * Copyright (c) 1998-2009 Fredrik Widlert, Robert Olofsson, 
 * Alexander La Torre, Håkan Andersson, Nina Ödling, Vicky 
 * Carlsson, Malin Blomqvist and Linnéa Löfstedt.
 * All rights reserved. 
 * Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without 
 * modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions 
 * are met: 
 * 1. Redistributions of source cod

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