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Virtual Organization Membership Service Server

In grid computing, and whenever the access to resources may be controlled by parties external to the resource provider, users may be grouped to Virtual Organizations (VOs). This package provides a VO Membership Service (VOMS), which informs on that association between users and their VOs: groups, roles and capabilities.

The service can be understood as an account database, which serves the information in a special format (VOMS credential). The VO manager can administrate it remotely using command line tools or a web interface.

Package version:2.0.6


VOMS server configuration

In addition to the voms-server package a voms database plugin is needed.

Plugins exists for mysql and oracle. Since the oracle client libraries
are not open source software, only the mysql plugin is available in
Fedora. To install the voms-mysql-plugin issue the following command
as root:

	yum install voms-mysql-plugin

Before starting the ser


VOMS(8)                                                      VOMS(8)

       voms - VOMS server

       voms [-foreground] [-port port] [-backlog pnum]
            [-logfile file] [-globusid id] [-globuspwd file]
            [-passfile file] [-x509_cert_dir path]
            [-x509_cert_file file] [-x509_user_cert file]
            [-x509_user_key file] [-x509_user_proxy file]

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Download voms-server-2.0.6-2.el4.ppc.rpm

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