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A library for parsing, sorting and filtering your mail

libSieve provides a library to interpret Sieve scripts, and to execute those scripts over a given set of messages. The return codes from the libSieve functions let your program know how to handle the message, and then it's up to you to make it so. libSieve makes no attempt to have knowledge of how SMTP, IMAP, or anything else work; just how to parse and deal with a buffer full of emails. The rest is up to you!
Package version:2.2.7


libSieve: a library for parsing, sorting and filtering your mail

This code is a standalone library providing an interpreter for RFC 3028 Sieve
and various extensions. It is based upon code distributed with the Cyrus Mail
Server prior to CMU's switch to a more restrictive license. The libSieve API
attempts to be easy to use and exten


libSieve 2.2.7

- Fixed a duplicate symbol definition (thanks to Wilfried Goesgens).

- Fixed a mismatched function declaration (thanks to Eugene Prokopiev).

- More cases where Vacation should be ignored (thanks to Dilyan Palauzov).

- Generate Vacation handle according to RFC 5230 (thanks to Dilyan Palauzov).

- Use of NULL without declaration (thanks to Dilyan Palauzov).

- Added


libSieve is maintained by Aaron Stone <> -- Do not send
inquiries about this library to anyone else listed below. Please send
questions, comments, and bug reports to Aaron directly.

Many thanks to these contributors:

  Timo Sirainen <> submitted fixes for potential buffer overflows.
  Oliver Tappe <> submitted fixes for BeOS builds.



The legacy code in this distribution is covered by a simple license from CMU.
All new code in this d

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