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Flight of the Amazon Queen - Adventure Game - CD version

It is 1949 and you play Joe King, pilot for hire with his small private plane the 'Amazon Queen'. The game is a spoof of old timey radio adventure serials, and as it begins we find Joe in one of those typical situations. It is 11:58 and 36 seconds and counting, Joe and his date are tied up in an abandoned warehouse ("you really know how to show a girl a good time, Joe!"), and a bomb is set to go off at midnight!

Of course they escape, in the nick of time, and immediately set us up for the next 'adventure'. Joe suddenly remembers that he is scheduled to fly the famous movie star, Faye Russell, to a photo shoot in the Amazon jungle the next morning.

This package contains the CD version, which contains additional / longer cutscenes and voice acting, but also is much larger: 37 MB where as the also available floppy version (package flight-of-the-amazon-queen) is only 7 MB.

Package version:1.0


Flight of the Amazon Queen (Talkie)                 (C) 1995- John Passfield &
-----------------------------------                           Steve Stamatiadis

March 15 2004
	(Licence and legal stuff at the end of this file. Please read them.)

Once again, we here at ScummVM have the pleasure of bringing you yet another
classic adventure game, thanks to John Passfield and Steve St

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