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Clone of the C64 game Paradroid

This is a clone of the classic game "Paradroid" on Commodore 64 with some improvements and extensions to the classic version. In this game, you control a robot, depicted by a small white ball with a few numbers within an interstellar spaceship consisting of several decks connected by elevators. The aim of the game is to destroy all enemy robots, depicted by small black balls with a few numbers, by either shooting them or seizing control over them by creating connections in a short subgame of electric circuits.
Package version:1.0.2

Browse inside freedroid-1.0.2-16.fc17.src.rpm

4.97 KB2014-11-28freedroid-1.0.2-cpuhog.patch  view
1.67 KB2014-11-28freedroid-1.0.2-printfs.patch  view
4.60 MB2014-11-28freedroid-1.0.2.tar.gz  view  398+ mirrors
1.47 KB2014-11-28freedroid-1.0.2-vorbisfile.patch  view
1.69 KB2014-11-28freedroid-cleaninst.patch  view
201 B2014-11-28freedroid.desktop  view
5.61 KB2014-11-28freedroid.spec  view
1.07 KB2014-11-28HEADER  view  163 mirrors

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