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A Conway's Life simulator

LucidLife is a Conway's Life simulator. The rules are rather simple. The game is started with a large grid of cell locations, and an arbitrary set of living cells. On each turn, each cell thrives or dies based on the number of cells which surround it. A dead (empty) cell with three live cells around it becomes a living cell (a birth); a living cell with two or three neighbors survives; otherwise the cell dies (due to overcrowding) or remains dead (due to loneliness). It is based on the the GtkLife project, but with a more modern user interface and other enhancements.
Package version:0.9.2

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1.44 MB2014-11-28lucidlife-0.9.2.tar.gz  view  204+ mirrors
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1.40 KB2014-11-28lucidlife-make-docs-use-proper-dir.patch  view  2 mirrors
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