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Board game featuring a maze which the players change each turn

The board of the game is a complicated maze. You see reddish squares, which are walls, and black lanes, which are walkable. Also you see brightly coloured (humanoid) figures and little circles. The figures are the players, and the rounds are coins which the players must collect.

Each player gets a turn. In the beginning of your turn, you get to change the maze. You can see a small piece of maze "sticking out" of the board. You can make that piece move around the board an rotate it. When you are done the piece is pushed in the maze, thus making a whole column or row of the maze shift. If you do this in a clever way, new passages open up, hopefully leading you to a coin in your players color.

Package version:1.0.2

Browse inside magicmaze-1.0.2-7.fc17.src.rpm

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1.07 KB2014-11-26magicmaze-1.0.2-license-clarification.patch  view
854.59 KB2014-11-26magicmaze-1.0.2_src.tar.gz
836 B2014-11-26magicmaze-1.0.2-trademarks.patch  view
212 B2014-11-26magicmaze.desktop  view
3.89 KB2014-11-26magicmaze.spec  view
2.91 KB2014-11-26maze-1.0-fhs.patch  view
1.39 KB2014-11-26maze-1.0-gcc4.patch  view
3.07 KB2014-11-26maze-1.0-no-sound.patch  view

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