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Psk31 and RTTY program for Linux

LinPsk is a program for operating on digital modes running on Linux. LinPsk supports BPSK, QPSK and RTTY at the moment. Main features are: * the simultaneous decoding of up to four channels. * The different digital modes may be mixed * You can define a trigger on each channel to be notified if a text of your choice is detected. * You can log each received channel at a file. * For easy qso'ing you can define macros and for larger texts to be send you can use two files. * You can view the signal as spectrum or in a waterfall display. Both are scale-able in the frequency domain. At the Moment RTTY only supports 45 baud and 1.5 stop-bits.
Package version:1.1

Browse inside linpsk-1.1-6.fc17.src.rpm

1.21 KB2014-11-30HEADER  view  77 mirrors
489 B2014-11-30linpsk-1.1-3.sound.conf.patch  view  2 mirrors
1011 B2014-11-30linpsk-1.1-compile-fix.patch  view  2 mirrors
113.46 KB2014-11-30linpsk-1.1.tgz  2 mirrors
200 B2014-11-30linpsk.desktop  view  2 mirrors
294 B2014-11-30linpsk.png  4 mirrors
366  view  2 mirrors
4.84 KB2014-11-30linpsk.spec  view

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