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A tool that monitors directories for new files and invokes scripts on them

fsniper is a tool that monitors a given set of directories for new files. Then, based on the new file's type or name, it invokes a script to be run (any executable via the shell) on that file. Common uses include making a single drop directory for all things from a webbrowser etc, and having semi-intelligent scripts figure out what to do with those files. You write the scripts yourself.
Package version:1.3.1

Browse inside fsniper-1.3.1-8.fc17.src.rpm

276.07 KB2014-11-27fsniper-1.3.1.tar.gz  view  193 mirrors
1.19 KB2014-11-27fsniper.conf  view  3 mirrors
206 B2014-11-27fsniper.service  view  3 mirrors
4.68 KB2014-11-27fsniper.spec  view
13 B2014-11-27fsniper.sysconfig  view
663 B2014-11-27fsniper-umask.patch  view
1012 B2014-11-27HEADER  view  232+ mirrors

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