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Network traffic tracker

Nettop is visualising active network traffic as top does with processes. It displays active network streams sorted by bandwidth used. This is often usable when you want to get a fast grip of what is going on on your outbound router.
Package version:0.13.0


jnettop can use a configuration file named .jnettop, which is looked for in the home directory of the user running the application. A sample configuration file is provided under the name ".jnettop" in the documentation directory.

More details are available in the bundled README file.

Browse inside jnettop-0.13.0-5.el4.src.rpm

882 B2014-11-27HEADER  view  435+ mirrors
127.94 KB2014-11-27jnettop-0.13.0.tar.gz  view  276+ mirrors
3.26 KB2014-11-27jnettop.spec  view  2 mirrors
286 B2014-11-27README.Fedora  view  3 mirrors

Download jnettop-0.13.0-5.el4.src.rpm

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