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General-purpose resource monitoring system

Mon is a general-purpose resource monitoring system. It can be used to monitor network service availability, server problems, environmental conditions (i.e., the temperature in a room) or other things. Mon can be used to test the condition and/or to trigger an action upon failure of the condition. Mon keeps the testing and action-taking tasks as separate, stand-alone programs.

Mon is very extensible. Monitors and alerts are not a part of mon, but the distribution comes with a handful of them to get you started. This means that if a new service needs monitoring, or if a new alert is required, the mon server will not need to be changed.

Package version:1.2.0

Browse inside mon-1.2.0-9.fc17.src.rpm

14.89 KB2014-11-28all-alerts.tar.bz2  view  15 mirrors
1.21 KB2014-11-28HEADER  view  79 mirrors
783 B2014-11-28mon-1.2.0-perl.patch  view  3 mirrors
239.73 KB2014-11-28mon-1.2.0.tar.bz2  view  13 mirrors
474 B2014-11-28mon-1.2.0-uucp.patch  view  3 mirrors
1.30  view  4 mirrors
45.56 KB2014-11-28mon.cgi-1.52.tar.bz2  view  15 mirrors
1.20 KB2014-11-28mon.init  view  3 mirrors
6.68 KB2014-11-28mon.spec  view
15 B2014-11-28userfile  view  12 mirrors

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