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A threaded Internet news reader

SLRN is a threaded Internet news reader. SLRN is highly customizable and allows users to design complex filters for sorting or killing news articles. SLRN works well over slow network lines. A helper utility for reading news offline is provided in the slrn-pull package.
Package version:0.9.9p1


This package is designed to let you run a mini-newsspool as user
"news". The spool directory is /var/spool/slrnpull. The system will
automatically expire old articles once per day, and rotate your
slrnpull log (/var/spool/slrnpull/log).

The log is not put in /var/log, to make it possible for users to run
mini-spools out of their own home directories (they would not have
permission to write the lo

Browse inside slrn-0.9.9p1-5.fc17.src.rpm

850 B2014-11-26HEADER  view  586+ mirrors
599 B2014-11-26README.rpm-slrnpull  view  3 mirrors
1.46 MB2014-11-26slrn-0.9.9p1.tar.gz  view  125 mirrors
1013 B2014-11-26slrn-0.9.9pre108-makefile.patch  view  3 mirrors
576 B2014-11-26slrn-0.9.9pre108-sendmail.patch  view  3 mirrors
102 B2014-11-26slrnpull-expire  view  3 mirrors
39 B2014-11-26slrnpull.log  view  3 mirrors
12.28 KB2014-11-26slrn.spec  view

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