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Application for easy image creating from a LaTeX equation

This application is especially designed for generating an image (e.g. PNG) from a LaTeX equation, this using a nice GUI. Support for Copy-Paste, Save as image/pdf/ps and drag-and-drop is included. The program has two modes, shrinked and expanded mode. Shrinked mode is straightforward, and expanded mode lets you to specify a few options. You can use KLatexFormula in command-line mode (eg. for scripts) by invoking klatexformula_cmdl executable. Type klatexformula_cmdl --help for more information.
Package version:3.2.3

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1.10 KB2014-11-28HEADER  view  111 mirrors
908 B2014-11-28klatexformula-3.2.3-flags.patch  view
369 B2014-11-28klatexformula-3.2.3-gcc-4.7.0.patch  view
3.06 MB2014-11-28klatexformula-3.2.3.tar.gz
6.42 KB2014-11-28klatexformula.spec  view

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