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A script to help thwart ssh server attacks

DenyHosts is a Python script that analyzes the sshd server log messages to determine which hosts are attempting to hack into your system. It also determines what user accounts are being targeted. It keeps track of the frequency of attempts from each host and, upon discovering a repeated attack host, updates the /etc/hosts.deny file to prevent future break-in attempts from that host. Email reports can be sent to a system admin.
Package version:2.6


Some useful information about DenyHosts as packaged by Fedora Extras

It installs and runs as a service, so you can start it with:

  systemctl start denyhosts.service

and enable it at boot time with:

  systemctl enable denyhosts.service

By default denyhosts runs continuously waking up to process your logs
every thirty second

Browse inside denyhosts-2.6-26.fc17.src.rpm

789 B2014-11-26denyhosts-2.4-setup.patch  view  2 mirrors
963 B2014-11-26denyhosts-2.6-commandlinesync.patch  view
2.35 KB2014-11-26denyhosts-2.6-config.patch  view
440 B2014-11-26denyhosts-2.6-daemon-control.patch  view  6 mirrors
641 B2014-11-26denyhosts-2.6-defconffile.patch  view  6 mirrors
664 B2014-11-26denyhosts-2.6-hostname.patch  view  151 mirrors
1.04 KB2014-11-26denyhosts-2.6-regex.patch  view  3 mirrors
41.67 KB2014-11-26DenyHosts-2.6.tar.gz  view  456+ mirrors
39 B2014-11-26denyhosts-allowed-hosts  view  2 mirrors
718 B2014-11-26denyhosts.cron  view
188 B2014-11-26denyhosts.logrotate  view  2 mirrors
208 B2014-11-26denyhosts-restorecon.plugin  view
273 B2014-11-26denyhosts.service  view  3 mirrors
14.52 KB2014-11-26denyhosts.spec  view
1.00 KB2014-11-26HEADER  view  218+ mirrors
3.17 KB2014-11-26README.fedora  view  3 mirrors

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