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OpenStack Image Service

OpenStack Image Service (code-named Glance) provides discovery, registration, and delivery services for virtual disk images. The Image Service API server provides a standard REST interface for querying information about virtual disk images stored in a variety of back-end stores, including OpenStack Object Storage. Clients can register new virtual disk images with the Image Service, query for information on publicly available disk images, and use the Image Service's client library for streaming virtual disk images.

This package contains the API and registry servers.

Package version:2012.1

Browse inside openstack-glance-2012.1-4.fc17.src.rpm

1.48 KB2014-11-290001-Ensure-swift-auth-URL-includes-trailing-slash.patch  view
1.29 KB2014-11-290002-search-for-logger-in-PATH.patch  view
903 B2014-11-290003-Don-t-access-the-net-while-building-docs.patch  view
291.89 KB2014-11-29glance-2012.1.tar.gz
1.13 KB2014-11-29HEADER  view  105 mirrors
271 B2014-11-29openstack-glance-api.service  view
6.29 KB2014-11-29openstack-glance-db-setup  view
94 B2014-11-29openstack-glance.logrotate  view  2 mirrors
286 B2014-11-29openstack-glance-registry.service  view
12.51 KB2014-11-29openstack-glance.spec  view

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