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Partition imaging utility, much like Ghost

Partimage is a Linux/UNIX partition imaging utility, which saves partitions, having a supported filesystem, to an image file. Partimage will only copy data from the used portions of the partition. The image file can be compressed with gzip or bzip2 to save space, and can be split into multiple files to be copied on CDs/DVDs.

Partimage was compiled with login enabled, and supporting the following filesystems:

ext2fs, ext3fs, fat, fat16, fat32, hfs, hpfs, jfs, ntfs, reiserfs, reiserfs-3.5, reiserfs-3.6, ufs, xfs.

Package version:0.6.9


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<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html;charset=iso-8859-1"><title>How to Backup Partitions</title>

<A NAME=src

Browse inside partimage-0.6.9-3.fc17.src.rpm

1.08 KB2014-11-27HEADER  view  121 mirrors
650.90 KB2014-11-27partimage-0.6.9.tar.bz2  view  392+ mirrors
3.28 KB2014-11-27partimage-man.tar.gz  4 mirrors
1.99 KB2014-11-27partimage-scripts.tar.gz  4 mirrors
9.22 KB2014-11-27partimage.spec  view
5.35 KB2014-11-27README.partimage.html  view  17 mirrors

Download partimage-0.6.9-3.fc17.src.rpm

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