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A GTK chart widget written in Python

pygtkChart is a Python package that provides PyGTK widgets to simply integrate charts into a GTK application. Currently pygtkChart comes with four widgets:

- BarChart - shows a bar chart (see example on the right) - MultiBarChart - like BarChart, but shows groups of bars - PieChart - shows simple pie charts

The appearance of the widgets is highly customable. All bars, graphs, or titles on a chart can be accessed and modified separately. Colors, backgrounds and many more properties can be modified for each object.

Package version:-

Browse inside pygtkchart-0-0.3.gitg8a56364.fc17.src.rpm

1.10 KB2014-11-27HEADER  view  97 mirrors
1.38 MB2014-11-27notmyname-pygtkChart-beta-0-g8a56364.tar.gz  2 mirrors
2.37 KB2014-11-27pygtkchart-path.patch  view  2 mirrors
2.22 KB2014-11-27pygtkchart.spec  view

Download pygtkchart-0-0.3.gitg8a56364.fc17.src.rpm

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