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Tracks runtime library calls from dynamically linked executables

Ltrace is a debugging program which runs a specified command until the command exits. While the command is executing, ltrace intercepts and records both the dynamic library calls called by the executed process and the signals received by the executed process. Ltrace can also intercept and print system calls executed by the process.

You should install ltrace if you need a sysadmin tool for tracking the execution of processes.

Package version:0.6.0

Browse inside ltrace-0.6.0-4.fc17.src.rpm

1.02 KB2014-11-30HEADER  view  188 mirrors
2.01 KB2014-11-30ltrace-0.5-demangle.patch  view
503 B2014-11-30ltrace-0.5-etc-memmove.patch  view
2.60 KB2014-11-30ltrace-0.5-ia64-sigill.patch  view
371 B2014-11-30ltrace-0.6.0-clone-test.patch  view
6.22 KB2014-11-30ltrace-0.6.0-endian.patch  view
1.97 KB2014-11-30ltrace-0.6.0-exec-stripped.patch  view
906 B2014-11-30ltrace-0.6.0-ppc-args.patch  view
526 B2014-11-30ltrace-0.6.0-ppc-shift.patch  view
556 B2014-11-30ltrace-0.6.0-return-string-n.patch  view
348.57 KB2014-11-30ltrace-0.6.0.tar.bz2
13.04 KB2014-11-30ltrace-0.6.0-thread-races.patch  view
78.23 KB2014-11-30ltrace-0.6.0-threads.patch  view
31.08 KB2014-11-30ltrace-0.6.0-vfork.patch  view
10.98 KB2014-11-30ltrace.spec  view

Download ltrace-0.6.0-4.fc17.src.rpm

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