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Next generation front-to-back web development megaframework built on Pylons

TurboGears brings together a best of breed python tools to create a flexible, full featured, and easy to use web framework.

TurboGears 2 provides and integrated and well tested set of tools for everything you need to build dynamic, database driven applications. It provides a full range of tools for front end javascript develeopment, back database development and everything in between:

* dynamic javascript powered widgets ToscaWidgets * automatic JSON generation from your controllers * powerfull, designer friendly XHTML basted templating (Genshi) * object or route based URL dispatching * powerful Object Relational Mappers (SQLAlchemy)

Package version:2.1.4

Browse inside TurboGears2-2.1.4-2.fc17.src.rpm

1.24 KB2014-11-29HEADER  view  60 mirrors
2.93 KB2014-11-29test-templates.tar.bz2
76.96 KB2014-11-29TurboGears2-2.1.4.tar.gz  view  9 mirrors
2.08 KB2014-11-29TurboGears2-kajiki.patch  view  2 mirrors
3.49 KB2014-11-29TurboGears2-no-chameleon.patch  view
6.60 KB2014-11-29TurboGears2.spec  view

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