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The Portable C Compiler

The compiler is based on the original Portable C Compiler by Stephen C. Johnson, written in the late 70's. Even though much of the compiler has been rewritten, some of the basics still remain. PCC debuted in Unix Version 7 and replaced the DMR compiler (Dennis Ritchie's original C compiler) in both System V and the BSD 4.x releases. Some history about pcc is in the A History of UNIX before Berkeley: UNIX Evolution: 1975-1984 and in the Evolution of C.

About 50% of the frontend code and 80% of the backend code has been rewritten. Most stuff is written by Anders Magnusson, with the exception of the data-flow analysis part and the SSA conversion code which is written by Peter A Jonsson, and the Mips port that were written as part of a project by undergraduate students at Lule´┐Ż University of Technology (LTU).

Caution: the compiler is still undergoing heavy development.

Package version:1.0.0

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