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Provides an API to register callbacks when forking

Atfork provides a pthread_atfork() work-a-like API for Python 2.4, 2.5 and 2.6 along with fixers to monkey patch standard library modules at run time to be safe in programs using both threading and forking.

While mixing threads and forking in a program is generally considered to be a bad idea it need not be so painful.

A missing API in the Python is an atfork mechanism so that locks can be acquired and released properly around fork calls. This module adds that. It also provides monkey patchers that fix the standard library to properly register callbacks for locks they create.

Package version:0.1.2

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1009 B2014-11-260001-Resolve-rpmlint-non-executable-script-error.patch  view  2 mirrors
7.73  2 mirrors
1.17 KB2014-11-26HEADER  view  91 mirrors
2.25 KB2014-11-26python-atfork.spec  view

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