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C library for SemiDefinite Programming

CSDP is a library of routines that implements a predictor corrector variant of the semidefinite programming algorithm of Helmberg, Rendl, Vanderbei, and Wolkowicz. The main advantages of this code are that it is written to be used as a callable subroutine, it is written in C for efficiency, the code runs in parallel on shared memory multiprocessor systems, and it makes effective use of sparsity in the constraint matrices.
Package version:6.1.1

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431.22 KB2014-11-29Csdp-6.1.1.tgz  view  205+ mirrors
1.13 KB2014-11-29csdp-complement.1  view
1.14 KB2014-11-29csdp-graphtoprob.1  view
100 B2014-11-29Csdp.INDEX  view
1.31 KB2014-11-29csdp-rand_graph.1  view
4.93 KB2014-11-29csdp.spec  view
1.12 KB2014-11-29csdp-theta.1  view
1013 B2014-11-29HEADER  view  219+ mirrors

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