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A few useful Java libraries

A colleciton of Java libraries: - Unix Sockets Library This is a collection of classes and native code to allow you to read and write Unix sockets in Java.

- Debug Library This is a comprehensive logging and debugging solution.

- CGI Library This is a collection of classes and native code to allow you to write CGI applications in Java.

- I/O Library This provides a few much needed extensions to the Java I/O subsystem.

- Hexdump This class formats byte-arrays in hex and ascii for display.

Package version:0.8

Browse inside libmatthew-java-0.8-3.fc17.src.rpm

1.34 KB2014-11-26classpath_fix.patch  view  2 mirrors
1.07 KB2014-11-26HEADER  view  107 mirrors
399 B2014-11-26install_doc.patch  view  2 mirrors
30.03 KB2014-11-26libmatthew-java-0.8.tar.gz  view  15 mirrors
272 B2014-11-26libmatthew-java-hexdump-osgi-MANIFEST.MF  view  2 mirrors
3.92 KB2014-11-26libmatthew-java.spec  view
273 B2014-11-26libmatthew-java-unix-osgi-MANIFEST.MF  view  2 mirrors
1.97 KB2014-11-26native-library-paths.patch  view  2 mirrors

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