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Access Fedora's Bugzilla

The XML-RPC interface to bugzilla is quite useful, and while Bugzilla 3.x is starting to flesh their interface out a bit more (see, e.g., L<WWW::Bugzilla3>), Fedora's Bugzilla implementation has a large number of custom methods. This module aims to expose them, in a kinder, gentler way.

In addition to the XML-RPC methods Bugzilla makes available, there are also some things we only seem to be able to access via the web/XML interfaces. (See, e.g., the flags, attachments and comments functionality.) This package works to expose those as well.

Package version:0.13

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62.05 KB2014-11-27Fedora-Bugzilla-0.13.tar.gz  view  1475+ mirrors
1.11 KB2014-11-27HEADER  view  92 mirrors
1.10 KB2014-11-27perl-Fedora-Bugzilla-0.13-no-CascadeClear.patch  view
5.32 KB2014-11-27perl-Fedora-Bugzilla.spec  view

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