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A wrapper around Getopt::Long to provide a GUI to applications

This module is a wrapper around Getopt::Long that extends the value of the original Getopt::Long module to:

1) add a simple graphical user interface option screen if no arguments are passed to the program. Thus, the arguments to actually use are built based on the results of the user interface. If arguments were passed to the program, the user interface is not shown and the program executes as it normally would and acts just as if Getopt::Long::GetOptions had been called instead. This requires the QWizard and Gtk2 or Tk interfaces to be installed too.

2) provide an auto-help mechanism such that -h and --help are handled automatically. In fact, calling your program with -h will default to showing the user a list of short-style arguments when one exists for the option. Similarly --help will show the user a list of long-style when possible. --help-full will list all potential arguments for an option (short and long both).

It's designed to make the creation of graphical shells trivial without the programmer having to think about it much as well as providing automatic good-looking usage output without the programmer needing to write usage() functions.

Package version:0.91

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