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Perl module geared specifically for HTTP testing

Libwhisker is a Perl library useful for HTTP testing scripts. It contains a pure-Perl implementation of functionality found in the LWP, URI, Digest::MD5, Digest::MD4, Data::Dumper, Authen::NTLM, HTML::Parser, HTML::FormParser, CGI::Upload, MIME::Base64, and GetOpt::Std modules. Libwhisker is designed to be portable (a single perl file), fast (general benchmarks show libwhisker is faster than LWP), and flexible (great care was taken to ensure the library does exactly what you want to do, even if it means breaking the protocol).
Package version:2.5

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1.11 KB2014-11-28HEADER  view  89 mirrors
280 B2014-11-28libwhisker2-2.4-lw1bridge.patch  view  4 mirrors
1.23 KB2014-11-28libwhisker2-2.4-vendorlib.patch  view  4 mirrors
202.70 KB2014-11-28libwhisker2-2.5.tar.gz  view  277+ mirrors
4.68 KB2014-11-28perl-libwhisker2.spec  view  2 mirrors

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