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Java library for simplifying LDAP operations

Spring LDAP is a Java library for simplifying LDAP operations, based on the pattern of Spring's JdbcTemplate. The framework relieves the user of common chores, such as looking up and closing contexts, looping through results, encoding/decoding values and filters, and more. The LdapTemplate class encapsulates all the plumbing work involved in traditional LDAP programming, such as creating a DirContext, looping through NamingEnumerations, handling exceptions and cleaning up resources. This leaves the programmer to handle the important stuff - where to find data (DNs and Filters) and what do do with it (map to and from domain objects, bind, modify, unbind, etc.), in the same way that JdbcTemplate relieves the programmer of all but the actual SQL and how the data maps to the domain model. In addition to this, Spring LDAP provides transaction support, a pooling library, exception translation from NamingExceptions to a mirrored unchecked Exception hierarchy, as well as several utilities for working with filters, LDAP paths and Attributes.
Package version:1.3.1

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1.62 KB2014-11-27HEADER  view  20 mirrors
550.55 KB2014-11-27spring-ldap-1.3.1.tar.xz  2 mirrors
339 B2014-11-27spring-ldap-build-core-only.patch  view  2 mirrors
463 B2014-11-27spring-ldap-disable-aws-extension.patch  view  2 mirrors
1.50 KB2014-11-27spring-ldap-remove-ldapbp.patch  view  2 mirrors
11.15 KB2014-11-27spring-ldap-remove-spring-orm.patch  view  2 mirrors
4.85 KB2014-11-27spring-ldap.spec  view
667 B2014-11-27spring-ldap-use-java-5-to-build-core.patch  view  2 mirrors

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