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Eclipse Parallel Tools Platform

The aim of the parallel tools platform project is to produce an open-source industry-strength platform that provides a highly integrated environment specifically designed for parallel application development. The project will provide:

- a standard, portable parallel IDE that supports a wide range of parallel architectures and run-time systems - a scalable parallel debugger - support for the integration of a wide range of parallel tools - an environment that simplifies the end-user interaction with parallel systems

This package contains the main PTP run-time features.

Package version:6.0.0

Browse inside eclipse-ptp-6.0.0-0.2.junom6.fc17.src.rpm

689 B2014-11-29eclipse-ptp-deps.patch  view
8.05 KB2014-11-29eclipse-ptp-remove-overrides.patch  view
22.27 KB2014-11-29eclipse-ptp.spec  view
1.95  view  2 mirrors
1.15 KB2014-11-29HEADER  view  89 mirrors
687  view
10.55 MB2014-11-29org.eclipse.photran-f3decf9a5a9293d4f478e10b9f65e270ed08d068.tar.gz
32.13 MB2014-11-29org.eclipse.ptp-015cebabbf5f3c114d6928883375de8b647c53bf.tar.gz

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