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A free, distributed version control system

monotone is a free, distributed version control system. It provides fully disconnected operation, manages complete tree versions, keeps its state in a local transactional database, supports overlapping branches and extensible metadata, exchanges work over plain network protocols, performs history-sensitive merging, and delegates trust functions to client-side RSA certificates.
Package version:1.0


The Fedora Extras build of monotone provides an extra RPM monotone-server.
This package is intended to make it easy to set up an unattended server
installation for Monotone's Netsync protocol (i.e. "monotone serve").

The package a standard Fedora-style init.d script with chkconfig support
for running the server, installed as /usr/sbin/monotone-server.
(This is just a symlink to monotone that the 

Browse inside monotone-1.0-7.fc17.src.rpm

957 B2014-11-29HEADER  view  315+ mirrors
2.03 KB2014-11-29monotone-1.0-disable-xdelta-test.patch  view  2 mirrors
3.60 KB2014-11-29monotone-1.0-file_handle.patch  view  3 mirrors
968 B2014-11-29monotone-1.0-fix-help.patch  view  3 mirrors
437 B2014-11-29monotone-1.0-pcre.patch  view  2 mirrors
3.42 MB2014-11-29monotone-1.0.tar.bz2  view  254+ mirrors
6.55 KB2014-11-29monotone.init  view  5 mirrors
45 B2014-11-29monotone-server-tmpfiles.conf  view  3 mirrors
15.28 KB2014-11-29monotone.spec  view
345 B2014-11-29monotone.sysconfig  view  5 mirrors
2.34 KB2014-11-29README.monotone-server  view  6 mirrors

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