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Localization and translation management web application

Pootle is web application for managing distributed or crowdsourced translation.

It's features include:: * Translation of Gettext PO and XLIFF files. * Translation of monolingual files (subtitles, Java properties, etc) * Submitting to remote version control systems (VCS). * Managing groups of translators * Online webbased or offline translation * Quality checks

Package version:2.1.6


Pootle on Fedora

Welcome to Pootle running on Fedora.  This README offers some Fedora
specific information on Pootle.

0. Installation setup

- Database
You can use MySQL (recommended) or Sqlite.  Sqlite requires no setup.
If you want to use MySQL then see section 3. below.

- Email
You need email for user registration confirmations, edit EMAIL_*
and DEFAULT_FROM_EMAIL in /etc/po

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Download pootle-2.1.6-2.fc17.src.rpm

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