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Reverse-proxy load balance and web-server

Perlbal is a single-threaded event-based server supporting HTTP load balancing, web serving, and a mix of the two. Perlbal can act as either a web server or a reverse proxy.

One of the defining things about Perlbal is that almost everything can be configured or reconfigured on the fly without needing to restart the software. A basic configuration file containing a management port enables you to easily perform operations on a running instance of Perlbal.

Perlbal can also be extended by means of per-service (and global) plugins that can override many parts of request handling and behavior.

Package version:1.79

Browse inside Perlbal-1.79-5.fc17.src.rpm

1.18 KB2014-11-30HEADER  view  79 mirrors
190.21 KB2014-11-30Perlbal-1.79.tar.gz  view  568+ mirrors
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4.99 KB2014-11-30Perlbal.spec  view

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