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A high-performance mail server with IMAP, POP3, NNTP and SIEVE support

The cyrus-imapd package contains the core of the Cyrus IMAP server. It is a scaleable enterprise mail system designed for use from small to large enterprise environments using standards-based internet mail technologies.

A full Cyrus IMAP implementation allows a seamless mail and bulletin board environment to be set up across multiple servers. It differs from other IMAP server implementations in that it is run on "sealed" servers, where users are not normally permitted to log in and have no system account on the server. The mailbox database is stored in parts of the file system that are private to the Cyrus IMAP server. All user access to mail is through software using the IMAP, POP3 or KPOP protocols. It also includes support for virtual domains, NNTP, mailbox annotations, and much more. The private mailbox database design gives the server large advantages in efficiency, scalability and administratability. Multiple concurrent read/write connections to the same mailbox are permitted. The server supports access control lists on mailboxes and storage quotas on mailbox hierarchies.

The Cyrus IMAP server supports the IMAP4rev1 protocol described in RFC 3501. IMAP4rev1 has been approved as a proposed standard. It supports any authentication mechanism available from the SASL library, imaps/pop3s/nntps (IMAP/POP3/NNTP encrypted using SSL and TLSv1) can be used for security. The server supports single instance store where possible when an email message is addressed to multiple recipients, SIEVE provides server side email filtering.

Package version:2.4.14


Cyrus IMAP autocreate Inbox patch

NOTE : This patch has been created at the University of Athens. For more info, as well 
as more patches on Cyrus IMAPD server, please visit 

The design of Cyrus IMAP server does not predict the automatic creation of users'
INBOX folders. The creation of a user's INBOX is considered to be an external task,


Cyrus IMAP autosievefolder patch

NOTE : This patch has been created at the University of Athens. For more info, as well 
as more patches on Cyrus IMAPD server, please visit 

  When the lmtpd daemon receives an email message prior to delivering it to the 
INBOX folder of the user, checks if the user has specified sieve filters. If the
user h



This is a _very_ 'quick and dirty' install howto.

The following steps should lead you to a running Cyrus IMAP server:

1)  Install on a distribution which is supported by this RPM. Don't install
    on a dirty system, where you have previously installed from source.
2)  Don't install if you have a previous Cyrus IMAPd installation <=2.1.x on

Browse inside cyrus-imapd-2.4.14-1.fc17.src.rpm

765 B2014-11-28cyr_systemd_helper  view  6 mirrors
2.51 KB2014-11-28cyrus-imapd-2.1.3-flock.patch  view  2 mirrors
788 B2014-11-28cyrus-imapd-2.3.12p2-current-db.patch  view  2 mirrors
887 B2014-11-28cyrus-imapd-2.3.16-nodenny.patch  view  3 mirrors
3.00 KB2014-11-28cyrus-imapd-2.3.1-authid_normalize.patch  view  2 mirrors
4.33 KB2014-11-28cyrus-imapd-2.4.12-debugopt.patch  view  2 mirrors
2.37 MB2014-11-28cyrus-imapd-2.4.14.tar.gz  view  26 mirrors
979 B2014-11-28cyrus-imapd.cron-daily  view  4 mirrors
13.37 KB2014-11-28cyrus-imapd.cvt_cyrusdb_all  view  2 mirrors
495 B2014-11-28cyrus-imapd.imap-2.3.x-conf  view  2 mirrors
187 B2014-11-28cyrus-imapd.logrotate  view  4 mirrors
338 B2014-11-28cyrus-imapd.magic  view  5 mirrors
163 B2014-11-28cyrus-imapd.pam-config  view  4 mirrors
386 B2014-11-28cyrus-imapd.service  view  2 mirrors
53.05 KB2014-11-28cyrus-imapd.spec  view
109 B2014-11-28cyrus-imapd.sysconfig  view  6 mirrors
2.12 KB2014-11-28HEADER  view  3 mirrors
8.98 KB2014-11-28README.autocreate-cyrus-2.3  view  15 mirrors
1.86 KB2014-11-28README.autosievefolder  view  22 mirrors
1.67 KB2014-11-28README.rpm  view  15 mirrors

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