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Certificate System - Registration Authority

Certificate System (CS) is an enterprise software system designed to manage enterprise Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) deployments.

The Registration Authority (RA) is an optional PKI subsystem that acts as a front-end for authenticating and processing enrollment requests, PIN reset requests, and formatting requests.

An RA communicates over SSL with a Certificate Authority (CA) to fulfill the user's requests. An RA may often be located outside an organization's firewall to allow external users the ability to communicate with that organization's PKI deployment.

For deployment purposes, an RA requires the following components from the PKI Core package:

* pki-setup * pki-native-tools * pki-selinux

and can also make use of the following optional components from the PKI Core package:

* pki-silent

Additionally, Certificate System requires ONE AND ONLY ONE of the following "Mutually-Exclusive" PKI Theme packages:

* dogtag-pki-theme (Dogtag Certificate System deployments) * redhat-pki-theme (Red Hat Certificate System deployments)

Package version:9.0.4

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