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A collection of utilities that enhance Festival with some useful features

A collection of utilities that enhance Festival with some useful features. They provide all that is needed for interaction with Speech Dispatcher.

Key festival-freebsoft-utils features are: - Generalized concept of input events. festival-freebsoft-utils allows not only plain text synthesis, but also combining it with sounds. Additionally, mechanism of logical events mapped to other events is provided. - Substitution of events for given words. - High-level voice selection mechanism and setting of basic prosodic parameters. - Spelling mode. - Capital letter signalization. - Punctuation modes, for explicit reading or not reading punctuation characters. - Incremental synthesis of texts and events. - Speech Dispatcher support. - Rudimentary SSML support. - Enhance the Festival extension language with functions commonly used in Lisp. - Support for wrapping already defined Festival functions by your own code. - Everything is written in the extension language, no patching of the Festival C++ sources is needed.

Package version:0.10

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