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Natural language translation library

Libtranslate is a library for translating text and web pages between natural languages. Its modular infrastructure allows to implement new translation services separately from the core library.

Libtranslate is shipped with a generic module supporting web-based translation services such as Babel Fish, Google Language Tools and SYSTRAN. Moreover, the generic module allows to add new services simply by adding a few lines to a XML file (see libtranslate(5)).

The libtranslate distribution includes a powerful command line interface (see translate(1)). GNOME GUI can be found as separate "gnome-translate" package at the same web source.

Package version:0.99

Browse inside libtranslate-0.99-26.fc17.src.rpm

1.21 KB2014-11-28HEADER  view  62 mirrors
600 B2014-11-28libtranslate-0.99-autoconf.patch  view
1.33 KB2014-11-28libtranslate-0.99-charsetparse.diff  view  27 mirrors
900 B2014-11-28libtranslate-0.99-condfix.diff  view  27 mirrors
1.62 KB2014-11-28libtranslate-0.99-fix-modules.patch  view  2 mirrors
405 B2014-11-28libtranslate-0.99-int64.diff  view  27 mirrors
17.92 KB2014-11-28libtranslate-0.99-libsoup24.diff  view
485 B2014-11-28libtranslate-0.99-postmarker.diff  view  50 mirrors
1.32 KB2014-11-28libtranslate-0.99-strip_tags.patch  view  2 mirrors
520.04 KB2014-11-28libtranslate-0.99.tar.gz  view  120 mirrors
9.14 KB2014-11-28libtranslate-services.xml-20100303
6.90 KB2014-11-28libtranslate.spec  view

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