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Set of Ada libraries to help to develop information systems

Matreshka is a set of Ada libraries to help to develop information systems. It includes:

* League --- provides support for localization, internationalization and globalization; including: -- unbounded form of string of Unicode characters; cursors to iterate other characters and grapheme clusters; advanced locale tailored operations such as case conversion, case folding, collation, normalization; -- regular expression engine with Perl-style syntax and Unicode extensions; -- text codec to convert data streams into/from internal representation; -- message translator to translate messages into natural language which is selected by user; -- access to command line arguments and environment variables as Unicode encoded strings. -- XML processor --- provides capability to manipulate with XML streams and documents;including: -- SAX reader to read XML streams and documents; it supports both XML1.0/XML1.1 specifications. -- SAX writer to generate XML streams and documents from application.

Package version:0.1.1

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